Our experience with Sim Racing Machines Support

We are using a few products from Sim Racing Machines, mostly magnetic shifter upgrades for Fanatec steering wheels. Since we changed to Simucube 2

Ultimate wheel base we also got a Fanatec wheel base conversion kit in order to use our existing Fanatec steering wheels on the Simucube 2 Ultimate wheel base.

A few days ago our simulator shut itself off in the middle of a session. After restart we found out, that the Fanatec converion kit was not recognized any more. We are still not sure what went wrong exactly, but the USB cable was ok, it looked like there was an issue with the electronics. We reached out to Simon describing the situation on a Sunday. He got back to us within short notice checking a few things, but we could not get it working again.

A league race was scheduled in a couple of days and we did not have an alternative steering wheel to be used in a GT3 car with paddle shifters and bunch of buttons necessary for an endurance race. But Simon was perfectly

in control of the situation. Without any discussions he offered to ship a new conversion kit, so we can do the race and we will figure things out afterwards.

Simon shipped the kit including a spare USB cable the next day. Only one day later, on Tuesday, we received his shippment from the UK here in Vienna/Austria! We connected everything and our simulator was up and running again.

Getting back to us on a Sunday, shipping a new conversion kit the next day no questions asked. Unbelievable support and service. We therefore highly recommend Simon with Sim Racing Machines. If you need anything he has to offer – go for it! He has amazing magnetic shifter upgrades and Fanatec conversion kits for wheels and base. Check out Sim Racing Machines Website!

Thank you Simon!