Installation of a triple screen monitor bezel tuning kit

If you run triple screen, you know about the monitor bezel issue. Either you mount the monitors next to each other and have twice the width of the monitor bezels, or you mount them slightly shifted and behind each other leaving you with more or less the width of one bezel. In both cases you will have two monitor bezels disturbing your triple screen setup.

The left one usually does not matter too much as it is located within the A-pillar, but the right one usually is in the middle of the front screen and quite likely disturbing the view into tight right hand corners.

Now we came across a youtube video with someone using an ASUS ROG Bezel-free kit and started to look for it. It is hardly offered anywhere and the only place we could find and order it was on Also there is only a 27″ version available. So if you want to use it as intended, it’s only suitable for 27″ monitors. We run 32″ and basically it is not possible to install them properly on 32″ monitors. We had to find w DIY-workaround and used the lenses only, which we had to mount directly onto the monitors using a glue-pen. The length just worked out, so please be aware in case you run something else than the adviced 27″ monitors.

But otherwise we do like the result. Despite the fact we could not mount them as they were ment to be mounted, they still almost completely eliminate our monitor bezels and we accomplished an almost undisturbed 180° cockpit view. There is one small drawback: Some striaght lines crossing those bezel correction lenses have a small step and are not completely straight. But all in all, using those can be a huge improvement to your triple screen setups!

If you are interested in ordering them, maybe you want to click the picture to the right, which will take you directly to the amazon product page and generating a small support for us too.